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ADHD & Weight Management Online Seminar:
How to Build Healthy Eating Habits that are ADHD-friendly

January 24-25, 2012 | 7-9pm EST both nights  | ONLINE!

Join us from your own home or office. Register now to secure the early bird price of just $77.


Hi There,

This is Jenifer Koretsky, CEO of As an adult with ADHD who has struggled with weight management, I have to tell you just how excited I am that we’re offering this seminar with psychologist Dr. Roberto Olivardia, who is an expert when it comes to ADHD and weight management!

So many of us know what it’s like to be in a yo-yo cycle with weight and health. You make some great changes and lose some weight, but you can’t seem to stick to those healthier habits and end up gaining back even more weight than you lost. And this up-and-down cycle can last a lifetime—taking a toll on your physical health, your mental health, and your self-esteem.

Don’t blame yourself. You’ve always done the best you could at the time. We all do.


It’s not a matter of willpower; it’s a matter of having the proper tools and strategies.


And what you probably didn’t know is that there’s a complex relationship between your eating habits and your ADHD. In fact, what you eat can make your ADHD symptoms harder to manage and, in turn, your ADHD symptoms can make your weight harder to manage! Sometimes it feel like you can’t win. At least, that’s how I’ve felt many, many times.

Now here’s the good news: there is hope! Not many professionals out there are experts in ADHD and weight management, but Dr.Roberto Olivardia is. He’s a warm, friendly, and down-to-earth guy who understands what it’s like to struggle with food and eating. He’s also very skilled at taking scientific information and presenting it in such a way that we can all understand it. And he’s extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to create healthy habits that are actually ADHD-friendly, break the yo-yo cycle, and take control of your weight.


In the ADHD & Weight Management Online Seminar, Dr. Olivardia will teach you everything from the science and studies behind ADHD and weight management to the practical, ADHD-friendly strategies and steps that you can take—right away—to start building healthy eating habits and take control of your weight.


Join us from the comfort of your own home or office (or access the presentation later if you can’t attend live) to:

  • Understand the complex relationship between your eating habits and your ADHD

  • Get over the shame and self-judgment that so many people with ADHD have around food, weight, and body image

  • Learn why people with ADHD are more susceptible to developing an eating disorder like obesity or compulsive overeating

  • Find out how different emotions–from anxiety to anger to happiness–can trigger an unhealthy relationship with food

  • Figure out if you’re using food as a form of self-medication

  • Discover which treatment options can help, like medication and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)


And, of course, you’ll learn simple, concrete steps you can take to manage your weight and build healthy eating habits, like:

  • Guidelines to follow when you’re shopping, and how to navigate the supermarket

  • How to stock your house with foods that will make meal prep easier

  • How to be mindful about eating (we’ll be doing an exercise on this during the seminar!)

  • What to eat for breakfast, and how to choose healthier snacks

  • How to monitor your food with ADHD-friendly ways to keep track of what you eat (and why this is so important for success!)

  • How to avoid becoming obsessed with food

  • How to resist using food for instant gratification

  • How to set realistic health and weight loss goals

  • Why you shouldn’t give up when you reach a weight-loss plateau

  • How to make big positive changes in your eating habits by starting with very small steps


When you register for the ADHD Weight Management Seminar, you’ll get 4 hours of structured information and practical strategies from a prominent psychologist and ADHD expert—for less than the cost of a session with your doctor, a nutritionist, or a personal trainer.

Register to receive:

  • Admission to the live webinar presentation (Tuesday and Wednesday January 24 & 25th from 7-9pm EST)

  • Access to the playback of the live webinar (In case you can’t make it to the live event)

  • Recordings of the presentations – yours to download and keep!

  • Presentation slides – yours to download and keep!

  • Access to the members-only website in which you can connect with your peers, ask questions, share resources, and discuss your experiences


Join us as we learn how to break the yo-yo cycle and build eating habits that are ADHD-friendly!

$127 $77

Early Bird Registration Discount – Save $50!

Discount expires at 11:59pm EST on January 3, 2012.


As I mentioned earlier, I’m really thrilled that we’re able to to offer this seminar with Dr. Olivardia. I’ve never seen anything like this offered on the topic of ADHD & weight management, even though so many of us clearly need and want it! I’m looking forward to this seminar on both a personal and professional level, and I do hope you’ll join us!


All My Best,
Jennifer Koretsky
CEO of




P.S. Remember – this seminar is completely online! All you need to attend is your computer. And there’s no need to worry if you can’t attend live because everyone who registers will be able to playback the audio/visual presentation, as well as download the presentation slides and audio recordings for future reference.

But do hurry if you’d like to join us, because the Early Bird Registration Discount expires on January 3rd!


Cancellation Policy: Cancellations will be accepted through January 17, 2012. A full refund, less at 10% administrative fee, will be issued.